Oil Spill, Hunters and Global Warming...

About one hundred years ago, millions of penguins were killed because of an oil spill. That oil was used for lamp fuel and paint. There are still horrible oil spills around the world that are hurting penguins and other sea creatures. I think the most dangerous oil spill to the sea life was the Exxon Valdez in Alaska. It came across the Bligh Reef nearly spilling eleven million gallons of oil, hurting many animals living there. Oil spills commonly happen because of carelessness or silly mistakes. There are many other reasons. Equipment breaking down can cause the ship to hit a shallow end, cut a hole and an oil spill will occur. Sometimes, when two countries are at war, one country may spill oil intentionally to the other country's ocean. Natural disasters like hurricanes, can cause oil spills, too. If a hurricane is not too far away from the ship, the wind can suddenly cause the ship's oil tank to flip over and oil will spread. So, to help the penguins, we need to care for each other, be careful for natural disasters and stay concentrated when steering a boat.

Penguins were hunted in the past, but, thankfully, today penguins are not hunted and their habitats have been made into Wildlife Preserves. There are still numerous kinds of penguins that are living.

Also, global warming is causing damage to the ozone layer over Antarctica. This is sadly lowering the amount of food for penguins in the ocean. A lower amount in their food supply, could dangerously cause a lower amount in the number of penguins. To try and stop global warming, we should recycle, re-use, reduce, and save! Try and help penguins!

Birds that were harmed in oil spills all over the world.
After an oil spill, these people are helping to clean penguins.